Mentorships are available for 2020, I offer paintovers, art theory, demos, a reading list, and recommended assignments. For more information head over to or email me at

I was fortunate enough to take part in Devin’s mentorship in the past 5 weeks, it was probably one of the most valuable things I’ve done in my journey of bettering my art so far. He focuses heavily on fundamentals and teaches you how to juggle and organise the most important concepts and hierarchies in pictorial design. He was able to break down and communicate complex ideas very clearly; this has led to many “aha!” moments for me. What is also great about this mentorship is the real time dialogues and interactions you get with Devin, which doesn’t typically happen with other online courses. He was patient, approachable and saw things from my perspective and taught me accordingly. I have been extremely satisfied with his teaching. If you’d like to learn the foundational knowledge that will carry the quality of your work, then I wholeheartedly recommend this mentorship. I honestly plan on taking another 5 weeks in the future!  

-Harry Huang (

"I took my first mentorship with Devin because I was stuck on a couple oil paintings and felt there was a certain amount of information I was missing out. I really didn't regret it, Devin gave me info that I hadn't heard anywhere else before and it gave me a huge boost that clearly took me a step further in my understanding of painting. I was so enthusiastic that I later took on another mentorship with Devin so he could guide me through a 3D software. This is also the strength of Devin, to have skills with lots of different tools that allow him to adapt very precisely to your demand. I can only recommend his lessons and also his books!"

-Mathieu Nozieres (

"I booked 2 sessions with Devin and both were great in shaking me from an art rut. By carefully breaking down the structure by which paintings are created, giving clear examples and elaborating further I was able to see images in a new light. Very informative, would highly recommend."

-Titus Lunter (

"I remember seeing Devin's art and immediately being captured by his style and artistic abilities. His loose yet very descriptive style was part of what initially made me want to learn from him. With this in mind, I asked him if he would be willing to do a mentorship and he said yes! Devin provided materials and lectures for me to learn from and also gave me some studies to work on to strengthen my foundational skills. In the duration of the mentorship I learned a lot about the importance of having a good foundation and also taking your time and thinking as you work. Devin is a great artist and teacher and I would happily recommend him to anyone."

-Bjork Trondheim (

"Devin's Mentorship showed me how to correct many mistakes that were holding me back in painting! I can't recommend it enough, he's very approachable and knows how to quickly get to the core of a problem!"

-Kaloyan Boychev (

"My name is Cameron Witt and I'm a freelance concept artist. I've worked with Devin over the last 5 weeks as a part of his mentorship program and have been enormously satisfied with the work I did with Devin as my teacher. His deep understanding of the design process as a concept artist and his knowledge as a student of classical painting makes for a rare hybrid of modern commercial and classical education I've not seen elsewhere.  Devin is very talented at breaking down complex design ideas, making them easy to understand and integrate into your own workflow.  I personally struggled for a long time to juggle the various techniques and skills a concept artist should be versed in and how to refine those skills independently.  Working with Devin has helped me understand how all of these different techniques are simply tools to accommodate good design and not the other way around. Once I understood that, my intent and ultimate goals became much clearer and easier to achieve consistently.  After working with Devin to build that solid foundation, producing new art is so much easier and my progress as an artist has shot up dramatically. Working with Devin taught me a lot about how design itself can be used as a drawing tool as effectively as pencil and paper. It has de-mystified so much of what makes an effective drawing or painting and how I can use that knowledge to create better drawings and paintings myself. I will be continuing my mentorship with Devin and highly recommend anyone interested in bettering their skills as an artist and as an effective designer to book a session as well.  Devin's interest in being proactive with his students to further their education and artistic progress wherever and however he can makes him an excellent teacher.  As an added bonus, Devin is also very well versed in 3D applications and can help you to design more effectively in 3D as well as 2D.  I give his mentorship 5 stars!"  

-Cameron Witt (